Indigenous Arts & Culture

Shipibo women carry forward the patterns and stories of their culture. Intricate patterns tell stories of trees, journeys, songs, people, ceremony, vibration and history. Embedded in Shipibo art is the language of plants. Through weaving, painting and embroidery the women pass the knowledge and craft down to their daughters.

Through our art program, the women of the jungle are supported to carry on this tradition which can be difficult especially during times of economic hardship. The Foundation provides community spaces for women to gather, work and teach. With your contribution, we build and maintain refuges for women to practice their art and grow their materials needed for craft production providing an income stream that supports their families as well as promoting Shipibo culture.

Through the Lupunaluz Foundation, these artesanias gain access to the global marketplace and share traditional techniques with contemporary artists from around the world through the artist residency program. This cross cultural and cross generational exchange empowers local women in their immediate households and feeds their children’s creative future.

Your contribution allows skilled artesanias a place as well as the resources and education to do their work in a supportive and appreciative environment.

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