Land Conservation

The Amazon Rainforest is critical to the health of the entire planet. Lupunaluz is acquiring land to protect primary forest and to secure the future of the planet’s most critically important ecosystems. Along with the purchase of land we implement a ‘land guardian’ program of local residents who protect land from logging and poachers. This guardian program is essential to the successful maintenance of the forests integrity and security.

The Forest Guardian program provides a home for a local family and monthly salary to regularly patrol blocks of land. If a block of land is inhabited, opportunistic loggers and poachers stay away. Our guardians are educated on our conservation policy which in turn has an effect on the wider forest community. The guardians also form a network of vital data collection. Through them we are able to gather information on animal populations and habitats, monitor seasonal variability, collect botanical samples and stay abreast of local government and community issues. It takes just $100 per month to fund a local family as a forest protector.

Lupunaluz has a trusted network of local professionals that assist us in the purchase of land. We have successfully negotiated the purchase of land between 3 major reserves with the ultimate goal of increasing the Foundations holding to connect those reserves creating a network of wildlife corridors.

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