Health Clinic for Remote Forest Communities

Health care for remote forest communities is an often neglected issue within the conservation discourse. Through our local partnership with Angels of the Amazon, Lupunaluz will contribute to the improvement of the Esperanza clinic in the Tahuayo River Valley. Since 2009 Angels of the Amazon has steadily and dramatically improved conditions at the clinic which is now considered to be the best rural facility in the region. Concrete floors have been added along with two emergency care rooms, bathrooms and offices for the clinical staff. In 2010 a maternity room was added and in 2011, solar powered electricity giving evening lights for emergency medical procedures as well as providing refrigeration for vaccines and antivenin.
In addition to enlarging and improving the clinic facility, funding supports staff, paying the salary of an obstetrics/gynecology nurse and an emergency trauma care nurse.  Part time help and practicing interns are also provided for along with essential medicines and supplies.

The Esperanza Clinic is vital to the families in the region and  treats an average of 20 patients per day! We look forward to codeveloping plant medicine programs with AoA and the clinic to treat forest communities holistically using local plants and traditions.

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