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Homemade Eye Creams Recipes

A few years ago, I discovered the joy of making my own beauty products. It started with lip balm and then I learned that you could make your own lotion, too. Now I’m on to eye cream! In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to make an easy eye cream that’s natural and chemical-free.

The benefits of using a homemade eye cream are endless: it’s all natural so there is no risk of irritation or allergies (and you know exactly what went into the product), it has fewer preservatives which means less chemicals in contact with your skin, and it will be cheaper than store bought because most ingredients can be found at home or purchased for just a couple dollars at the grocery store!

natural eye cream

Natural Eye Cream

Our blog post today shares how you can make your own with just three simple ingredients: lavender essential oil, coconut oil and vitamin E capsules (capsules are often easier than liquid form).

Homemade eye cream is a great way to help prevent skin aging around the eyes. This recipe uses natural ingredients and takes about ten minutes to make. You will need lavender essential oil, coconut oil, vitamin E capsules, cotton pads or cloths and water. The best part? It’s completely free!

Eye cream is expensive, so what’s the alternative? You can make your own eye cream at home! This homemade eye cream recipe is easy to follow and will cost you less than $5. It takes just a few minutes of prep time before starting to enjoy this natural treatment for your skin.  The ingredients are common household items that any woman would have lying around in her kitchen. For best results, apply nightly or as needed to reduce inflammation and prevent wrinkles from forming on the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.

All you need for this project is: 1/4 cup coconut oil, 2 tablespoons beeswax chips, 2 teaspoons shea butter, 4-6 drops lavender essential oil (or other favorite scent), and small container with tight fitting.

Skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinning out as we age which causes fine lines and wrinkles. Making your own homemade eye cream can be a cost-effective solution for preventing those signs of aging from showing up too early in life.