About us

In a world where women are running businesses, managing their households, rearing children, leading in politics, and becoming entrepreneurs, it is no wonder that they are also branching into the wild world of the great outdoors. Women seek and love adventure equally as much as men, thus the appeal of being in nature. In the past, the outdoors was seen as a man’s thing. Well, those days are no more. Women have seen the natural-sun-lit light and are joining the throngs of male outdoor enthusiasts. While we are glad men enjoy nature, much of the gear and resources are tailored toward their needs. Lupunaluz seeks to remedy that by making the outdoors a more female-friendly world, at no expense for the gentlemen.

Camping itself is a pastime that provides escape from the stresses of daily life without the price tag of a plane ticket or fancy hotel. Getting outside and into nature gets us away from beeping electronics and away from the media’s idealized forms of beauty. Imagine this scene: you awake from a peaceful slumber to the sound of birds calling, instead of a screeching alarm. The sleeping bag wrapped around you is snug and warm. Your hair is a mess and your face is missing its usual gobs of anti-wrinkle cream, but you do not care because nature does not care. You unzip your tent and see the bright sun glistening on the gently wiggling river. Taking a deep breath of smog-free air your lungs rejoice at fresh oxygen: no stale fumes here. For one full week, you do not shave your legs, and you are happy. Camping is not mind-numbing relaxation like television or aimless social media scrolling. Just enjoying the beauty of nature the world over is a soul-reviving, brain-charging, lung-cleansing endeavor. Will you join us?

Lupunaluz aims to be a valued resource for all outdoor women adventurers, whether they are campers or not. Please leave us a comment with anything you would like to see added, and we will consider it with sincerity. If you are seeking a resource that you have yet to find, please let us know and we will strive to fulfil the need. We want your input because we value your opinions and ideas about how to make the great outdoors even better for women. Thank you for visiting us: explore our articles, get inspired, plan your trip, and then go! We will be here when you return with your tan limbs and smiling faces, eager to start the cycle again.